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Read and solve the problems. Write your operations on the white space.

1. Bob went to a garage sale to buy balls. Each ball costs 12 dollars.  How much money did Bob spend for the 13 balls she bought?  

1 ball = 12 dollars                   13 balls = ________ dollars                   

2. Tammy drove 52 miles in one hour. At that rate, how far can she drive in 34 hours?
52 miles/ 1 hour                        _____ miles/ 34 hours

Find the number that’s missing to complete the addition or substraction.

3. ____________ + 380 = 600

4. ____________ + 180 = 320

5. 500 - 310 = __________

6. 1000 – 89 = _________

Write the expressions from the column so that the two amounts on a scale are the same.


The story of Mary Anning

Mary Anning was born in 1799 in a small English seaside town called Lyme Regis. There were many fossils in Lyme Regis. Mary’s father looked for them and sold them in his shop. They liked the fossils because they were very pretty and interesting.
In those days, many children didn’t go to school. But Mary went to school and she learnt to read and write very well. Then, in 1810, Mary’s father died. Mary was only eleven years old. The family needed money, so Mary and her brotherworked in the shop. Mary looked for fossils on the beach every day. She cut them from the rock and cleaned them before selling them in the shop. She was very good at this.
One day, Mary and her brother found some strange-looking bones in the rocks. The children didn’t know what they were. Mary took them back to the shop and she saw that they were bones from a very large animal. She cleaned them and looked after them, but she didn’t sell them.
Eventually, some scientists in London Heard about the bones. They visited Mary at her shop and looked at the bones. They didn’t know what the animal was, but they thought it was a sea dinosaur. Today we call this dinosaur an ichtyosaur, which means fish lizard. This dinosaur disappeared about90 million years ago.
After this, Mary found many other amazing fossils on the beach at Lyme Regis. She found the very first plesiosaur, another type of sea dinosaur. Mary learnt a lot about fossils and dinosaurs and became very famous in Lyme Regis and London.
Today Lyme Regis is a great place for fossil hunting. The lyme Regis Meseum has a special Mary Anning day every year to celebrate her life and work with fossils.

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