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                                                 LICEO MODERNO DE CUAUTLA


The story of the pen

Over 10,000 years ago
People used stones to draw pictures on the wall of caves. They also used sharp objects or bones to make marks on clay.
7,000 years ago
The Egyptians invented paper and also pens to write on It. Pens were made from reeds. Reeds are hollow plants. One end of the reed was cut into a point, or a nib. Then the pen was filled with ink by dipping into an ink pot to fill up the inside. People squeezed th1e pen when they wanted the ink to come out.

In the 7th century
People started using quill pens. Quill pens were made from the feathers of birds. The part which the feathers are attached to is hollow. They worked better than reed pens because they were softer and you could squeeze them more easily to make the ink come out. They could also be washed and dried and used lots of times.

In the 10th century
The first fountain pen was made in Egypt. The pen held ink in a reservoir inside the pen and the ink travelled down to the nib. It wasn’t necessary to dip the nib into an ink pot, so they were cleaner to use. However, sometimes big drops of ink came out of the pen and ruined the paper.
Laszlo Biro invented the ballpoint pen. It had a tiny ball in its tip which rotated as it moved along the paper and picked up ink from a cartridge inside. It worked well because the paper could not be ruined.

The Space Pen was invented. The Space Pen can write underwater, upside down, in extreme temperatures and at zero gravity! For this reason astronauts use them in space. This pen can do everything! But who knows what pens will be invented in the future!

1.    Read again and write True or False.

1.    People used stones to draw pictures in caves.        ________________
2.    Reed pens where made from bones.                        ________________
3.    Quill pens were made from plants.                           ________________
4.    Fountain pens were invented in Egypt.                     ________________
5.    Space Pens only work in space.                              ________________

2.    Complete the next sentence.

1.    Over 10, 000 years ago used ____________objects or  bones to make marks.
2.    Reeds are ______________plants.
3.    Quill pens were made from the ___________________.
4.    The first fountain pen was made in_________________.

5.    The Space Pen was invented in___________________.


1.    Listen and read the article.

Tanya Streeter
Tanya Streeter grew up on Grand Cayman Island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. When she was a child, she loved being in the sea and spent as much time as possible in the water, snorkeling ans studying fish and other sea life. She also liked diving deep down into the ocean to look for rocks and shells. Tanya had a natural love of diving and one day, she discovered a sport she could do.
The sport was called free-diving. Thousands of years ago, people dived deep into the oceans to catch fish and to look for pearls. But they didn’t have any diving equipment to help them breathe in those days. Today, this kind of diving has become a popular sport. People dive as deep as possible with no breathing equipment. They stay under the water for as long as they can and try to break world records.
Tanya had one lesson in free-diving and found out that she was very talented. She had more lessons and then started to enter competitions and compete against people from all over the world. In 1998, she broke her first world record when she dived 113 metres down into the ocean. She broke many more records after that. Tanya trains for four or five hours every day in the gym and in the pool. But the freedom she feels when she’s free-diving makes it worth all the hard work.
Tanya is also interested in looking after the environment and protecting wildlife. She has worked hard to tell the world about the problems that whales and dolphins have with sea pollution and how dangerous it is for them. She has appeared in videos, swimming with whales, and has also become a popular TV presenter.

2.    Read again and write True or False.

1.    Tanya Streeter lived on an island.                            ______________
2.    She disliked being in water when she was young.   ______________
3.    Free-divers dive without equipment.                        ______________
4.    Tanya has inly broken one record.                           ______________
5.    Tanya is a TV presenter.                                          ______________

3.     Complete the next sentences.
1. Tanya Streeter _______________on a Grand Cayman Island.
2. She also _______________diving deep down into the ocean.
3. Today, this kind of diving has _______________a popular sport.
4. In 1998, she ______________her first world record.
5. She has _______________in videos, swimming with whales

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